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Beaverdam, VA 
About Matt
Plants with Purpose Farm is a wholesale grower of nursery stock located in Beaverdam, Virginia in Western Hanover County. We opened in 2016, eager to provide top quality small fruit plants to garden centers and small nurseries. We're also proud to serve local farms, landscapers, and urban orchards with strong healthy plants. 
We take great care to provide a mix of plants that are safe, fun to grow and produce an abundance of fruit. For these reasons, our plants are sure to be a hit with your retail customers. 

Because we grow for a diverse geographic area, some items May not be appropriate for certain retail locations. Please contact the nursery if you have questions concerning the viablity of anything.

Delivery or pickup of plant material available.  Note: We do not ship UPS or Fed Ex

Minimum Order for wholesale pricing applies

The Plants with Purpose Farm is situated on Acer Acres, a wholesale grower of container grown Japanese Maples. Consider working with both nurseries as you make your plant selections and save on shipping.
Owner operator Matt Goldman has been employed in the Nursery industry for 20 years and growing fruit for most of that time. 

While propagating, growing and managing plant material for others, Matt learned the ins and outs of the nursery business. He brings his experience and enthusiasm to his own enterprise.

  1. Managing Director